Stainless Steel Superack

outdoor rack to suit high volume bicycle parking

To meet the requirements of the harsh Australian environment and to provide advanced bicycle security, we have developed our new heavy-duty outdoor bicycle rack, the Willworx all STAINLESS-STEEL ‘SUPERACK’.

The NEW STAINLESS STEEL SUPERACK’S look great, very robust, strong & extremely practical & easy to use.

The new STAINLESS STEEL SUPERACK is based on the proven design of the original SUPERSTAND Multi-bike rack modules, but offers the additional following benefits.

Available in 3 & 5 bike modules. (400mm spacing between bikes)

  • Widths are 120cm & 200cm respectively.
  • Bicycle positions are offset, allowing the SUPERACK’s to be placed back to back
  • Suits BMX 20” wheel size up to & including, comfort bikes, road bikes, hybrid bikes, MTB up to 3.25” (82 mm) wide & with 29” wheels.
  • Suitable to use with “D” locks & cable security locks.
  • Heavy-duty STAINLESS STEEL tubing construction, INCLUDING all security assembly bolts and 4 fixing-to-concrete expansion bolts.
  • Comes with a fixing lug at each corner of the rack.
  • Can be mounted in various positions & configurations to suit any bicycle parking area, as well as being mounted back to back.

Comes as a FLAT-PACK to minimise transport costs. The heavy duty cardboard carton has hand-hold positions for ease of carrying & handling. The SUPERACK simply bolts together quickly & easily with security bolts & the assembly tool is also provided.

Ideal for bicycle parking in shopping centres, fast food outlets, schools, universities, swimming pools, hi-rise basements, railway parking areas, bicycle sports events etc., wherever sturdy multi-bicycle parking racks are required.


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