Superstand Accessories

Accessories for every possible application


The Willworx ‘CONNECTORS’ allows the individual Superstands to be connected together in an unlimited number of configurations to suit every bicycle shop layout, size and display area.

They can be staggered to the right or left, side by side, back to back, etc. Some of the configurations are shown here.

The CONNECTORS also allow the Superstands to be adjusted closer or further apart, as required for some bicycles with wider handle bars or to position the bicycles closer where minimum floor space is available.

Parking the bicycle with the rear wheel and staggered allows more bicycles to be on display.


The ‘REAR FRAME LIFT HOOK’ clamps to the vertical tubing of the stand and is ideal for bicycle mechanics, both professional and amateur.

This places the rear wheel off the ground allowing the bicycle brakes, gears & derailleurs to be adjusted. A great little accessory.

Ideal for BMX, road racing and competition use where quick, easy adjustment need to be made.

Simply, lift the left side of the rear triangle of the bicycle into the plastic covered hooks to suspend the rear wheel. Adjust the height of the Hooks so your wheel is raised off the stand.

A5 Sign Holder

The ‘A5 SIGN HOLDER’ clamps to the vertical tubing of the Superstand providing a great position to place advertising cards describing the bicycle specifications, features, pricing, specials and much more.

The SIGN HOLDER’s can be positioned higher or lower on the hoop tubing, providing a very visible, neat, easy to read advertising sign, without further shop clutter.

Road-bike spacers

The normal 2.5” wide SUPERSTAND is great for all bikes including road bikes, but if you have expensive narrow carbon lightweight wheels, you might like to protect your wheels a bit more with the ROAD BIKE SPACERS.

These were designed for parking of ROAD BIKES with narrow wheels / tires in the SUPERSTAND. They are made from Poly-Foam & have an eccentric hole. This allows them to be adjustable to your bike wheel / tire width and placing your bike more vertical.

Simply slide 2 of the foam spacers to the lower part of the base of the SUPERSTAND & slide the other 2 foam sleeves up high on the top hoop of the SUPERSTAND.

Just wheel your bike into the stand & turn the foam sleeves to adjust the width to suit your wheel.

Check the pics for correct positioning. Comes in a pack of 4 sleeves.


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